Master Of Orion II - Bugs (1.31)







Multi player / Single Player
DOS / Windows

Auto Factory

This is whereby when scrapping a building from the Colony Screen, as soon as the mouse is moved over the building icon the game will crash. 90% of the time it is scrapping the Auto Factory that causes the crash.

Do not scrap the Auto Factory. Avoid the colony screen.

Multi only

Soil Enrichment

After the Soil Enrichment is built, if you move the farming population you will loose the farming bonus of the Soil Enrichment.

You must leave the farming population alone for 1 turn.
Or try , click corn cobs, then farmers then cobs again.



If you discover a system with artifacts you will loose the arifact bonus on the planet if you are not the 1st player to Turn. However you will still keep the technology discovered.

Turn quickly after you discover Artifacts. Other players should not be too hasty to hit turn.

Multi only

Double Monsters

Sometimes after you kill a monster it will return the next turn and you will have to kill it again.


Empty build queue

AKA Credit Cheat. If you have nothing in your build queue the excess production will be counted twice. You will get the extra BCs and the production is still stored

Always keep Either Housing or a repeat build in each colony build queue.
NB: The repeat build item must be repeatable, not something that can only be built once like Soil Enrichment.


Last Race

When starting a game you pick Custom from the Select Race screen, then from the Select Race Picture screen you choose Last Race.

Do not choose Last Race, instead choose one of the pre-defined 15 races and then customise.


Ship Leaders

When you have no ships and you look at your ship leaders.


Ship retreat

When ships retreat from the edge of the battle field. ( Retreating from the left side of the screen Only perhaps.)


Antaran Bug

Game will crash if the Anratans win a battle.   Windows Only;

Andriod Bug / Tolerant population

Get loads of pop on a planet. It is possible to move Andriods or Captured Tolerant population to a planet and exceed the Maximum population for that planet. ie you can get 56 pop on a planet with a max of 37 pop.    
Intermittent Crashing Sometimes at the end of turn in Multi-Player the game will crash. Try running without sound. Run Setsound.exe and set Midi and Digital to "None". If the problem goes away then there is an issue with the sound driver / card. An AC97 sound based card is know to work well with Moo2.  
0 pop on a planet; When there is 0 population on a planet but there are toops and a building. It is impoosible to invade that planet.    
Shield Generator Bug
( Reported by Nightwolf )
When your ship's shield generator is destroyed, and you're capable of repairing your ship (tested with Cybernetic! not tested with Automated rep. unit or Engineer leader, though it will be the same, I think), if your ship survives several next turns, the generator (as other items like comp or drive) will be repaired. But the repaired shield works incorrectly: it still blocks damage (e.g. class 5 blocks 5 damage from each attack), but it has no strength and it does not recharge. Colony Ship Bug
Reported by Druzhio
It is possible to land a Colony Ship or Outpost ship and still have it intacted the next turn.
Moo2 Freezes on "Initializing Network Screen" when starting a Multi-player game. This is cause by installing the windows version of Moo2 (using Setup.exe) and attemping to run a Multi-player , network, DOS Moo2 game. The Solution is to install Moo2 using the "Install.exe" , which will correctly install the DOS version. (Of course the 1.31 patch will still need to be applied to the C:/MPS/Orion2 folder)