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Welcome to 4381's Guide to Playing Online Multi-player
Master Of Orion II over the Internet.

Owner of 35135918
EST +5 GMT Great Britian.

Any problems your welcome to email me



Ater Getting setup, be Sure to vist the KALI Moo2 League site at:

Starting a Game:
There are two ways: Either play the game in a Game Lobby OR the traditional way is to use a "private" Kali server. That is to say one player, usually the player with the best connection, will act as host to the game.

Hosting a private Kali Server:
Announce your IP address to the other players "%IP" on the Kali Command Line. From the Kali Drop_Down Menus "File / Edit / Servers / Chat / Players ...." Choose "Servers" and "Server Mode."

Joining a Private Kali Server:
From the Kali Drop_Down Menus "File / Edit / Servers / Chat / Players ...." Choose "Servers" and "Connect to Address ...". Enter the IP addres given by the host - you may need to put a port number aswell.

To Launch the Game:
Use the Short-Cut you created Earlier in STEP 1. - Double-Click on it.
From the main Moo2 game Menu ...
The Host will Create a New Game "Multi-Player" - "Network" - "Start New Game"
The Other Players will Join the Game "Multi-Player" - "Network" - "Join Game"
It can take upto 1 minute before you see a game to join. You may be stuck on "waiting to join" for 1 or 2 minutes , this is because the host is selecting his race picks.

and the Free serial - 70xxxx numbers.
Kali has a 90-day trial. Only 1 free serial can join a private server. The solution is either to play the game in a Kali game lobby OR buy a permanete Kali code.

Remember to join the Kali Moo2 League:

List of some veteran Moo2 Players : Moo2 Veteran Multiplayers


Tips for your 1st few Multiplayer Games:
i) Use a custom race.
ii) Pick Omnicience.
To see how the others play.
iii) Don't Pick Creative.
Suicide Pick for a New Player.
iv) Don't Pick Un-Creative.
Suicide Pick for a New Player.
v) Pick Unification.
Because Everyone Else Will.

Don't get Dis-heartened if you lose. There are players of all standards on Kali. Rule of thumb, if some-one has been playing Kali Multiplayer for over 2 years they are generally "Good Players". If you want a better chance of winning look for those players who have been playing for less than a year. But remember, we were all beginners once.


When is the best time to play?
About Half the Moo2 players are based in the USA.     Therefore we tend to adopt Eastern Standard Time as Moo2 time or EST for short.     This is the time on the East Coast of the United States, in places like New York, Maine and Florida.     EST is +5 hours offset from the UTC, Universal Time, Coordinated.

The best time to play is Friday Night after 6pm EST.     This is Moo-athon night, where players will play all night until they drop.     The next best time is Saturday anytime between Noon and Midnight EST.     Sunday, daytime, is also a good time to try.     Mid-Week, Monday - Thursday after 5pm EST is a quiet period but there are a few games played midweek.     The worst time to look for a game on Kali is between 3am and 9am EST.

Above all the key to getting a good game of Moo2 is Patience it is not uncommon to wait 1 or 2 hours before enough players have assembled and are ready to play.    Remember to be ready to play for a minimum of 4 hours .    6 to 8 hours is more realistic for a 4 player game, the better you play Moo2, the longer you will survive.     2 Player games can quite easily finish in 4 hours, but having said that I have played a two-player game for over 20 hours over 3 separate sessions - ironically longer than any 4-player game I have played.


Abbreviations used:
moo? The call for a new game. - Reply "moo" if you want to play.
AI A computer player. HG Heavy Gravity. LG Low Gravity. NA Non-Agression Treaty. UP Ultra Poor UR Ultra Rich. WH Worm Hole. OP Outpost Ship BB Battleship dd Destroyer ff Scout Ship (Frigate) C/Ship Colony Ship
Race Pick Abbreviations: Omni Omniscience. REP Repulsive. Tol Tolerant. UNI Unification. afk Away From Keyboard brb Be Right Back. gtg Got To Go. wb Welcome Back.

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